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First post: Nov 21, 2021 Latest post: Mar 28, 2022

Rosalinda is a Wife to Marco Garcia and they have Three beautiful Children Bella,
Matheo, Leonidas!
The Garcias have had Multiple Medical Hiccups From the Complicated Emergency
Birth of their son In Oct 2020, that jeopardize both of their lives followed by another
emergency procedure in December, the removal of Rosalinda's gallbladder, that
ended up damaging her liver and removing a portion, that resulted in liver
complications that have Lead her here where she is today. Needing care, During the
whole process their daughter Bella was diagnosed in September with a tumor and
had surgery at Mayo this March to have it Removed It came back Benign! (She has a
rare birth defect' vascular malformation Lymphatic Malformations with some
neurology issues that cause severe complications that will need follow-ups
throughout her life)
throughout it all they have held strong to their FAITH!
They Have stayed Kind! An always Stayed pushing forward for tomorrow will be A Thank You So Much to
brighter day!
Everyone For
Spreading Kindness Anyway Possibly! and making sure their children know the
supporting our family
value of that as well.
always be kind and humble!
during this difficult
it can not always be as bad as yesterday was right ??
time From the bottom
Always stay positive!
of our hearts
we can't wait to see everyone and join in laughter and fun!
-Garcia family