Bella Beam

First post: Jun 8, 2018
 My name is Roberta I am Bella's me mom. Bella was born at 34 weeks she wasn't breathing and had to get a breathing tube.she was sent to nicu and stayed for three weeks. She had jaundice and septis.she was given antibiotics and was sent home with a nurse.she was doing good and then she started pooping blood she was seen at the er and then had a x Ray done and found out that she has hip dysplasia. she is in a wheelchair she has autism and we found out that she has 4 spots on the right side of her brain she has lupus she is in pull-ups all the time she was potty trained. Now she has to go see a nurosurgy for her spine surgery please pray for my sweet baby girl if you can help me out with donations to help with transportation would be great thanks and have a great weekend