Becca Manolov

First post: Sep 8, 2020 Latest post: Jan 7, 2022
8-12-2020.  A day that would have been Mama Jo’s 93 birthday.  A day we all always recognize and to some degree celebrate (#) even though Mama Jo is gone, but she has always been the true epitome of a family matriarch:  loving, generous, silly, kind, gentle, creative, forgiving, devoted.   Somewhat unexpectedly, this milestone date has taken on a whole new meaning for our family for this is the date that mom was at Gateway Hospital having brain surgery to remove a small left temporal tumor.  As I waited with Becca in the hospital lobby, the call came in that made August 12 , 2020 char even deeper into my memory.  It was her doctor calling with the results of her recent breast biopsy:  invasive lobular cancer.  Age 43. Cancer.  Maybe it’s fitting that both of these significant life events happened on Mama Jo’s birthday because both Mom and Becca exude many of Mama Jo’s characteristics...This is where Becca’s journey with breast cancer (#) starts.  Please visit the journal pages to learn of updates and current treatment status. 

Anyone who knows Becca, knows that girl has spunk.  She is a fighter and will go after this cancer fully intending to kick some ass, but prayer warriors are needed.  Nobody can kick cancer’s ass alone.  Please add Becca to your prayers.  Prayers that she has the stamina and strength to fight, and prayers that the Lord would heal her.  Though we may not share our gratitude as often as we should, your support and prayers in this overwhelming time are deeply appreciated.  Meal train info for those who want to help that way: