Becca Groenwold

First post: Aug 26, 2022 Latest post: Dec 8, 2022

Becca and Chris Groenwold were blessed with a twin pregnancy in addition to their two lovely children, Haven age 9 and  Cohen age 7. Due to a previous C-section a complication arose when one of the babies attached internally at the incision line. Now the placenta is growing through the incision, onto the bladder and it is also covering the cervix, for a triple complication. Becca began to bleed at only 23 weeks and was transferred to Abbott Hospital. She will remain in the hospital for close monitoring of her and the babies for the remainder of her pregnancy.  She has a wonderful/ knowledgeable team of doctors and nurses caring for her. 

Becca has asked that we pray for these babies and her family at home during this journey.

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