Beau Whetstone

First post: Apr 13, 2020 Latest post: Sep 10, 2020
Hello friends and family! Our baby Beau is here!! 💙 We have decided to create this page to keep everyone updated on his journey. Beau has so many friends and family members that care a lot about him, he doesn’t even know yet! Because we have so much support from you all right now, we ask that you use this page as a way of keeping up and answering some of your questions about him. Right now, mommy and daddy need to focus their attention and energy on him. We appreciate you sending us well wishes, but please use this instead of asking us questions about his growth. We will keep it updated as much as possible.
Thank you for understanding! ❤️❤️

Beau Whittier Whetstone was born on April 9th, 2020 at 10:52pm! -7lbs 1oz and 19inches long-

At 34.5 weeks Kat’s water broke at home around 6:20am. Kat had contractions around 7:00am. She was in labor for about 13 hours until the doctors decided an emergency c-section was needed to help Beau.

Beau was born with Hydrops. (Hydrops is an accumulation of fluids in more than one cavity of the body.) We knew about the Hydrops at 28 weeks. Mom and Beau had two fetal surgeries to save his life. The Hydrops were affecting his heart and lungs, with out the surgeries we wouldn’t have baby Beau here today.
When he was born he still had a severe amount of fluids in his body. Most of it being in his chest and his head. Because of this Beau was immediately taken to another room for a trial a resuscitation. Thankfully, he made it through and did a great job getting stable! 🙏🏽 Thank you to the amazing team and all the prayers we had surrounding us. Prayers were answered! 

A few hours later, mommy and daddy got to officially meet Beau.  He had red hair! Mommy was shocked. He was then taken to a different hospital to begin NICU care.

Beau is currently hooked up to a lot of different tubes and wires. He has a chest tube to drain fluids, a ventilator to help with breathing, a feeding tube to give him milk, an IV, a PICC line, and many other wires to read his levels and vitals.

Although Beau did his hardest fight when he first arrived, the fight isn’t over. The cause of the Hydrops is undetermined, which means we can’t resolve the problem. Right now the team is doing an amazing job keeping his symptoms under control so he can be comfortable and happy. Please pray that the doctors can find the answer through all the testing and observation they’ve done so far. We really want to bring Beau home. Right now, our goal is to bring him home in June. 🤞🏽

Edit on June 1st:
Beau went home from the NICU on May 19th. He spent a couple days at home but then had to return to the hospital due to respiratory issues and lack of eating.
During his stay, he had a pneumothorax. Which put him back in intensive care with two chest tubes, two IV’s, a feeding tube, and a nasal cannula. At this point his length of stay is unpredictable.

If you’d like to donate or help in anyway, our baby registry is still up. We canceled the shower because of the Virus.
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