Shelby Beall Beall Nest

First post: May 24, 2021 Latest post: Jun 24, 2021
On Monday, May 17th, Shelby woke up with severe bleeding. She went to the ER twice that day and was told she has a 2cm sub-chorionic hemorrhage. She was put off work for the week.

She went back to the OBGYN on Monday, May 24th, and was put on bed rest for another week. The sub-chorionic hemorrhage has grown to 5cm. She was put off work again and on bed rest.

She will be rechecked again on Tuesday, June 1st. She was told that she has to not be bleeding for several consecutive days before she can go back.

Please pray that the hemorrhage stops and she and the baby stay safe.

Due to her sudden departure from work this has caused some stress in their lives that they were not expecting. Shelby has been off now for a whole pay cycle. Due to her recently starting this new job she does not qualify for disability yet. For the foreseeable future their income has decreased.

If you’re able to help in any way, physically with house work or yard work, a visit to Shelby during the day, a phone call to check in, a meal, and any monetary donation, anything at all, would be greatly received.

Thank you for loving Bryce, Shelby, Baby Ford, and of course Huck.