Baylor Rottinghaus

First post: Jul 4, 2019 Latest post: Jul 29, 2019
Baylor had been complaining of tummy aches off and on for several months.  The stomach aches were very inconsistent and never made him nauseous or anything.  He just simply had tummy aches.  They also never stopped him from his normal activities.   The nite before we went to the doctor he was playing baseball and running around just fine.   The kids were supposed to leave for a 4 day vacation with their dad on Thursday June 27th and then a 5 day vacation with my family on July 1st.  I decided to get him in to the Dr before that just to see what was going on because the stomach aches were getting a little more consistent.   

Weds June 26th we had an appointment set for 11am.  That morning I noticed his tummy seemed very hard around his belly button.  I took him to my moms office and had her look and she noticed the same thing.   We had pushed on his tummy a few days prior and did not see this hard spot then.   It seemed to have appeared out of no where.  

We told the dr about the tummy aches and showed her the lump immediately.  She sent us over for an xray and labs right away.   Nothing showed on the X-ray and all of his labs were perfect.   We thought he may be just been backed up but my mom gut told me it was something more.  We decided to do a ct scan right away.   As soon as the ct scan came back she said there was a mass of some sort and we needed to go to a children's hospital.  We came directly to Omaha.  

Once in Omaha they gave us a few ideas of what it could be but we couldn't be sure without a biopsy.  They did the biopsy Thursday June 27th and sent us home to wait for results.   Monday mid morning July 1st we got a call from the oncologist and she confirmed it was Lymphoma.  The original plan was to come down weds for scans and appts and start Chemo on Monday July 8th.   I noticed his stomach was very bloated and was concerned the tumor may be growing quickly so we decided to come down right away and start Chemo.   His official diagnosis is Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma. 

Weds July 3rd they they placed the Picc line and did a lumbar puncture and bone marrow check also.  I don't know the fancy words for all of that but that will help determine staging and make sure its not in his spine or bone marrow also.    We are set for a pet scan Friday July 5th also.  The doctors strongly believe the chemo will break down the tumor and he will not need any other surgerys or treatments which is good news!  

Weds July 3rd they also went ahead and administered the first dose of Chemo.   He slept right through it.  Today, July 4th he is feeling great and up and running around.   

Baylor is one strong dude and he is going to kick this cancer to the curb!!  Please continue to pray that he feels well and we can keep him free from infection.   

THANK YOU for the love, prayers and support!! We appreciate it so much!!

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