Barry Brodil

First post: Mar 9, 2020 Latest post: May 25, 2022

Accident - On Wednesday, Feb 26th My dad fell skiing at Cranmore Mountain in North Conway,  New Hampshire. He was crossing from the left side of the trail to the right side of the trail. While crossing the trail he lost control, and struck one of the lift towers.c He hit the lift tower square with his chest.

Injury -  The impact with the lift tower was so great that it fractured his sternum, several ribs, and his spine at both the C7 & T2 vertebrae. The C7 vertebrae fracture did not cause any injury to his spinal cord. However, when his T2 vertebrae fractured his spinal cord was severely damaged, which resulted in paralysis from the chest down. He did not suffer any head trauma or any injuries to his internal organs and he had use of his arms that meant though life would be significantly changed, he could still have a good life.  He was flown via helicopter from North Conway to Maine Medical Center, in Portland Maine, where he was stabilized. 

Treatment - Thursday, Feb 27th he had surgery to repair his spine, and remove bone fragments.  The surgery went well, and lasted approx 3 hours. He had 2 rods & multiple screws inserted along his spine to support & repair his spine. The rods & screws will be permanent. The doctors have said that there is only a 1-2% chance he will regain feeling again below his T2 vertebrae, so he will likely be paralyzed from the chest down for the rest of his his life, but we're holding out hope for a small miracle.  On Thursday, March 12, he was extremely fortunate  to be transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston for intensive physical therapy to enhance his life.