Barrett Quale

First post: May 28, 2021 Latest post: Jun 2, 2021
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This is Jordan, the aunt of Barrett who will be relaying updates from Tyler and Kelsie on their little miracle man

Kelsie went into Mayo Clinic Mankato on Friday May 21st for an ordinary 39-week checkup when she found out that she had hypertension and that they would be inducing her that afternoon.  Kelsie had a very strenuous labor that lasted three days.  Finally on Sunday, May 23rd at about 6pm she was fully dilated and began birthing baby Barrett.  After over an hour of pushing with little progress it was soon learned that Barrett was in distress and not positioned correctly in mama, this led to the doctor manually rotating baby and needing to extract him from her via vacuum procedure.  Finally baby Barrett was here at 8:10pm weighing in at 6lbs 14oz and 22 inches long.

As that night continued Kelsie and Tyler had learned that as Barrett came out his umbilical cord had been rather snug.  After further analysis it appeared as though Barrett was fine and ready to take on the world.  Monday morning came and things appeared normal, Barrett began feeding and snuggling throughout the day.  Later that evening as Kelsie and Barrett were snuggling it came to everyone's attention that Barret was having some type of spasm occurring on his right side.  As concerned filled the nursery it was determined that Barrett was having a seizure in which the team rushed to get him medication to stop it.  Immediately after Kelsie and Tyler learned that they would have to do an emergency transport from Mayo Clinic Mankato to St. Mary's in Rochester Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Kelsie was able to be emergency discharged so she would be able to go with her newborn son to Rochester.  When Tyler and Kelsie arrived late Monday night, they met with a team of Neurologists to discuss what had happened over the last 24 hours of Barrett's young life.  The Neurologists explained that they were suspecting that Barrett was having seizures and that they would begin studying his brain with an EEG monitor in which monitors brain wave data.  They also did a spinal tap to check to see if there was infection stemming in his system.  That same night Tyler and Kelsie were able to make it back to the hotel late when Kelsie began feeling ill again and was recommended to be re-admitted to Methodist Hospital.  After a long sleepless night Kelsie and Tyler were able to get back to St. Mary's to focus on baby Barrett.  

Over the course of the next couple days neurologists and doctors began to examine Barrett and try to figure out a dose of medication that would stop his seizure activity enough to get him into an MRI machine.  By getting him into an MRI, the doctors would be able to determine whether his seizures were stemming from infection or some other source.   On Tuesday 5/25 Barrett was able to get an MRI in which the doctors discovered that at some point during the labor process, Barrett had been deprived of oxygen to his brain causing some brain damage.  Tyler and Kelsie were heart broken by the news of this but continued to have hope.  

On Wednesday 5/26 Kelsie was once again re-admitted to Methodist Hospital and began another treatment of antibiotics to fight her continuing infection.  Tyler was able to attend meetings at St. Mary's with neurologists daily and look at the short and long-term outlook on what Barrett's future milestones and battles would be.  Barrett was able to make it 24 hours seizure free that afternoon!

On Thursday 5/27 Kelsie had learned that she was being moved back to the labor and delivery floor of Methodist Hospital due to the fact of her having severe pre-eclampsia.  She began her magnesium treatment and continues it till tomorrow to provide a protective barrier for her brain to prevent seizures while her body fights the infection.  Tyler was able to visit Barrett over at St. Mary's where he was able to get the EEG monitoring system off today and get his first bath.  Barrett's vitals continue to remain good, and his seizures continue to dissipate.  We continue to pray for Barrett and Kelsie to recover and will continue to learn one step at a time with Barrett as he progresses. 

Tyler and Kelsie will continue to see neurologists over the course of the next few weeks as Barrett remains in the NICU.  They cannot wait to watch the growth and progress of their little fighter.  As for now I will continue to post daily updates as I hear from Tyler about Kelsie and Barrett's recovery.

They have expressed how grateful they are for the kind messages and prayers regarding their little man and hope one day he will get to meet each one of you.