Barb Verthein

First post: May 9, 2018 Latest post: Jul 28, 2020
This Caring Bridge website is being started to keep family and friends up to date on my journey. Over the past few months, I had noticed discomfort, swelling and hardness in my stomach and attributed it to constipation, a chronic condition all my adult life.  Attempts to “move things along” were mildly successful, but not with reducing my stomach. On April 17 my doctor sent me for a CT scan, which revealed Stage 4 Mucinous Adenocarcinoma. They believe the cancer started in the lining of the colon and now includes advanced cancer in the stomach lining, GI tract, several tumors in the abdominal cavity, a tumor on the kidney and a blocked ureter leading to the kidney. I was admitted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for several days of tests and attempted pain control. A stent in the kidney to bypass the blockage relieved the kidney pain, but fluid on the belly, severe cramping and encroaching tumors make pain meds necessary. One of the CT’s showed several blood clots on both lungs (a side effect of cancer), so I am now doing daily blood thinner shots to keep them from growing or moving. The pancreas and liver are not affected.  Palliative Chemotherapy starts on May 9 with a goal of shrinking the tumors and will be every two weeks.

Many friends, family and neighbors have reached out, expressed shock and dismay, and have offered prayers, food, rides, and assistance.  I am so grateful to everyone for their love, affection, kindness, prayers and support.  I ask all you Prayer Warriors and faith keepers to do what you do best:  PRAY!  Dick and I will need lots of prayers and support in the next few months while we navigate this rough road.