Barbara Tolzman

First post: Jul 30, 2021 Latest post: Aug 7, 2021
As many of you know Barb fought and beat a courageous battle with lung cancer in the summer of 2019. For the past year and a half (post surgery, chemo and radiation), Barb has continued to live a very happy, healthy and in typical Barb fashion, a little bit feisty, life. She has enjoyed living with her loving daughter Lana and her two furbabies Tinkerbell and Pixie in their home in Maplewood, surrounded by many other family and friends.

Over the past 3 months; however, we've noticed small changes that seem typical for an 82 year old cancer survivor (such as some napping, some memory loss and some small personality changes and a host of body aches and pains).
Fast forward to last Monday, July 19, following some doctor appointments, we learned that Barb had once again, been diagnosed with Lung Cancer.... Later that evening Barb enjoyed a video call with her youngest grandson (& his wife), who is serving in the army, stationed out of state.
However, things started rapidly changing by Friday, July 23, when she started sleeping nearly round the clock, and lost complete desire to eat or drink. Sunday morning, HER 83rd BIRTHDAY, we cajoled her into attending her most recent favorite pastime of playing Bingo at her favorite restaurant Sgt. Peppers, in Oakdale, MN (thanks Rob & Julie for always treating our mom like family and accommodating our large gathering). Most of her family and some friends were able to spend a very nice afternoon, enjoying her smiles and even a quip or two of hers, although we couldn't convince Connie (the bingo call-girl) to give a bingo to our table, she still thoroughly enjoyed her day.

This brings us to this week....
Barb was brought to the ER Monday, July 26, for dehydration, after not eating or drinking, and then sleeping nearly the whole weekend (other than rallying for her 83rd birthday celebration). While in the ER they did a CT scan and MRI and found a very large mass in her brain. and a terminal diagnosis of brain cancer. She was discharged to go home, and has since continued to not eat or drink and continues to sleep nearly round the clock.
The family will be meeting with hospice soon and await what that will bring, knowing that the end of her life in her earthly body will soon end, and her spirit and soul will meet her husband Larry & all those that have passed before her at Heaven's gate for the next part of her journey!!!

This is completely surreal and has taken the family by surprise. Please feel free to add your memories and share your support on our guestbook. Stay in touch here as we will try to provide updates as we know more.
Barb's Loving Family---
Lana, Tinkerbell/Pixie
Larry/Myrna, Tyler/Danielle/Skyler/Mason/Hadley, Chad/Samantha/ Harlow/Grey/Penelope
Mike, Becca
Tom/Lori, Scotty/Natalie/Abby/Brooke/Oakley/Axel