Barbara Mullen

First post: Mar 18, 2019 Latest post: Jun 26, 2019

Since some of you may not know how all of this got started, I thought I would start my journey from the beginning, and let you know where I am now. It started in the spring of 2017, when I started having severe back pain across my shoulders and down my  spine. Tony took me to the E.R. where test were run and it was determined that 2 black spots were on my spine. They ordered a biopsy and found I had "large B-Cell lymphoma, and referred me to the Oncology dept. in the  Branson Cancer Center, where more test were made ,a port was put in,  a 6 month Chemo was started . After chemo, I had to wait for 1 year to re-scan me to see if it was all gone. Now it is Dec. 2018 and  By  the grace of GOD it was all gone in my back, but developed in the lymph nodes in my chest. In Jan 2019,  a second regiment of chemo was set up to rid it of that area, and after 3 treatments  , it was gone again. PRAISE GOD! After discussing with the cancer doctors  it was decided the best option was to come to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis for a stem-cell  treatment that would be doing a retrieval of my own cells, freeze them, go home for a week, come back , and do this hard chemo treatment that would take a week or so to rid any remaining cancer cells hidden in my lymph nodes.  After that they will put my own stem-cells back in me and get to go home for a couple weeks then return for a follow treatment that will give me a 85% chance it would not return to my lymph nodes again. I feel GOD has all of this under control and will be with me through my journey.