Barbara MARSHALL Barbara Marshall

Mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 4 years ago and fought strong with many months of chemo and radiation.  In December of 2014, she had her whipple surgery.  This was supposed to make her stronger and give her time...that it has.  She has been able to see, hold, and spend time with her grandchildren.   That has been priceless, for her as well as her grandchildren.  As many are aware., this past February, things started becoming harder for mom.  Infections, sepsis, feeding name it, she has had it.  In May she was admitted for a 4 month stay at Research Hospital.  She was admitted last week to Menorah Hospital.  A few tests later, they found she was septic and had infection/obstruction in her stomach.  They inserted a NG tube and tried to suck out the infection.  After several days, they took out the NG tube and she was sick quickly after that.  The NG tube is back in at this point.  Her body isn't strong enough to handle another surgery.  We will know next steps tomorrow when the doctors visit.  

No one should ever have to go through this, but for those of you that know mom....she deserves the best, not this.  Many people have asked about Mom, so we thought this might help in sharing her story.