Barbara Kail

First post: Oct 25, 2020 Latest post: Nov 9, 2020
FYI: On Friday nite, Barbara had an accident: in our home, she fell on some cat vomit and, broke her hip.

after a long evening , having been taken by EMS (wonderful people) by protocol to the nearest Trauma Hospital (St Barnabas near Arthur Ave on 3rd Ave in the Bronx), she was by her request transferred to Presbyterian Hospital where all her records are,


She is likely as I write this , in surgery.


We are fortunate that the hip fracture was clean, and the surgery is routine. Her care team expects her to be walking immediatelky after the surgery, and home by mid week (Wed or Thursday). Barbara opted to spend an extra day or 2 in the hospital to have rehab there, in lieu of going to a residential rehab facility.


My loving and sweet wife is one tough cookie, as most of you know. We expect her to be through this less than satisfactory episode as quickly as anyone, if not sooner. 


Our thanks to the wonderful crew of the EMS ambulance, the team which treated her in the St Barnabas ER (compasison second to none), and the ambulance crew which transfeerred her to Presbyterian. She said they were wonderful (and seemed to be, it was 215AM so I headed home  at her insistence)


Her team @ Presbyterian is top notch, and the care she receives, but not the food, is first rate.


For all who do so, in their own way, this is  still quite serious, so, please say a prayer for her. It IS surgery after all. 


and yes, she still plans to vote! Wouldn't miss it for the world  More later and thank you for thinking of her.

I love her so much. 



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