a Message that Madelynn left for Bailey on Thursday 3/7/13

Bailey Jasperson

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Bailey is 14 years old and has Septopreoptic Holoprosencephaly. Come learn more about Bailey and all the struggles we have had with him.. but also learn about how we have a lot of fun as a family..

Bailey was born at 36 weeks with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  His cleft was of both the hard and soft palate as well.  He was a twin and at 14 weeks we went in for a ultra sound looked as if the baby had gastroschisis.  We were given 3 options.  1. To do nothing. 2. Let the babies grow to 24 weeks and then take them via emergency C-sections and then take the baby into an operating room to put the intestines back into the abdomen.  3. Selective reduce.  We went through a week of ultra sounds and watching the baby.  On Dec 14th 1998, it came baby that they were unable to find some of the babies organs, the baby had club feet and a huge cyst that went from the neck all the way down towards the feet.  

The doctors told us that in order to save "BAILEY'S life, we needed to selective reduce.  Taking all that information in , we did.   As of Today, Bailey has had 34 surgeries and has a very rare diagnosis.  We have great doctors who have doing wonderful things to help him.  Unfortunately, it has  taken us a while to find these wonderful doctors and the surgeries have added up with other doctors.  But we believe in God and believe that things happen for a reason.. Thank you for coming to our page...