Janice Loucado Back surgery help

     Hello, I have just had the biggest and most painful surgery in my life. I have spent the last year stuck in bed and I have spent the last 15 days in the  hospitals, I have had to change hospitals from my local hospital to one that is more than 2 hours away from home, and I am alone now because my family had to go home after staying in a  hotel for a week, they had to go home because the kids need to get to school. Luckily they were understanding and gave them the week off. So now I am alone up here and won't see my family until I go home. I miss them so much.
     I had surgery on Thursday the 30th and was supposed to only stay in ICU for 2 days, and that turned into 6 days, I screamed in pain for 2 days, because it was the worst pain I have ever felt, they tried their best to control my pain, and they had me maxed out on what I could have with my blood pressure going down so low.
     I am still in a lot of pain, but I am able to hold it together now, I have a huge incision down my back, the drains got removed today along with the IV that was in my neck and something called an A line that was in my wrist and read my blood pressure which is up and down like crazy. I still have a PICC line in my arm and will for 6 more weeks and I will have to do IV antibiotics every 8 hours until I am done.

     Now I have rods in my back, and bills we can't afford and there are services I will need, but I have no idea how I am going to pay for them, I will need nursing care, physical therapy, an ultralight wheelchair, a chair for the shower, bars put up in the bathroom and just plain help around the house. I already owe 6 thousand dollars for my part of my co-pay and then 10 percent of the rest of the bills which I am sure is a huge amount.  
     My Ins. Refuses to pay for the medical equipment that I need. any help would be appreciated, I am a mother of two teens who are in school, and my husband is disabled and can't lift over 20 lbs. so that's why I need the lightweight wheelchair  I hate being a financial burden on them. I  have spent a year unable to do anything, and now I have to learn to walk again. The pain is unbearable sometimes, this is the worst injury I have ever had. I hope to go home  this weekend, I was going to go to a rehab facility, but they are too expensive, so I will get my care at home. Thank you for reading, and for your support during this difficult time, I have to go now I am really tired.