Loren, Rebekah, Tobin Conbeer Baby Tobin

First post: Aug 27, 2018 Latest post: Nov 30, 2018
Rebekah and Loren were making preparations to welcome their first baby in December, when the unthinkable happened. On Saturday, August 25, Rebekah’s water suddenly broke at just 25 weeks. 

Upon arriving at the hospital, she was immediately given steroid shots to mature baby’s lungs and medications to prevent infection. She was then transferred by ambulance to the best hospital in the region for neonatal intensive care.

 A large team of specialist took over and every effort was made to hold off labor. But exactly 24 hours later, Rebekah began showing signs of a severe intrauterine infection. Within 2 hours, doctors decided the baby had to be delivered. Pitocin was started and everyone prayed for a natural delivery as this would be best for baby and momma. Baby Tobin tolerated labor for a bit, but began showing signs of distress. 

The birthing room quickly became a scene of absolute emergency for Rebekah and Tobin when the placenta began to detach prematurely causing both Rebekah’s blood pressure and Tobin’s heart rate to plunge dramatically. 

Rebekah was immediate whisked away for an emergency C-section. Both Rebekah and Tobin were at serious risk and it looked like doctors may have to decide which life to save. 

Baby Tobin was out in less than 3 minutes. When the word from the delivery room came out to Daddy and Grammy, it was almost unbelievable that both made it through the surgery. 

However, Tobin was not responding to treatment and the prognosis was looking very grim. The NICU staff continued to work with him as Rebekah recovered. 

As prayers poured in from across the country, baby Tobin Wayne began to stabilize. He weighed in at exactly 2 pounds! 

At the start of this campaign, he is 19 hours old and has shown significant improvement from his initial prognosis. He has a long road and a big fight ahead of him, but he is our tough little guy! 

We are inviting friends, family, and strangers to be a part of Tobin’s fight. Here are the ways you can help: 

1. PRAY We have witnessed so many small miracles in the last 12 hours, and we believe God is upholding Tobin Wayne Conbeer by the Word of His power. 

2. Give 
Rebekah and Loren will be traveling back and forth from the hospital, finding temporary lodging, and facing significant medical bills while Rebekah will be off work and Loren commutes for his job. Cash and food and gas gift cards would be a tremendous help to them as they incur these unexpected expenses.   Check back for a link where you can make a tax-deductible gift specifically for medical expenses.

3. Rebekah and Loren need as much love and encouragement as possible during this season. Let’s create an outpouring of support through letters and cards. An address for mail will be posted soon! 

Thank you everyone for wanting to support this little family! With the help of a big God, they are going to make it!