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Hi. Thanks for visiting our Littles guy’s site. This is the easiest way to keep everyone updated. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers and hopefully by using caring bridge we can keep y’all in the loop!

Quick background from the pregnancy….

Early in July, Michelle started having some abdominal pain. She was evaluated at Northfield Hospital but no definitive diagnosis could be given because we could not do a CT scan. An MRI was inconclusive. We suspected appendicitis but couldn’t verify. She was sent home and the next evening things worsened. We ended up at Abbott Northwestern where appendicitis was eventually confirmed on MRI. Shen then had her appendix out on Tuesday the 13th. We returned home that weekend and she started to feel better.

The next weekend Michelle was experiencing a recurrence of significant abdominal pain. We returned to the Abbott ER where they could not explain her pain and attributed it to the surgery. We were sent home. A day later the pain had not subsided and she presented to the Faribault ER where she was promptly sent to Rochester Mayo. A couple days later we had a new diagnosis of kidney stones. The passable ones looked to have passed so after a few days we were sent home again. It was noted at the time that there was a small hemorrhage in the uterus. This was just an observation and there was no reason to believe it would cause an issue.

Tuesday August 2nd Michelle noticed something happen which she hadn’t experienced before with her other pregnancies. She did not think it was her water breaking, but she wanted to get it checked out. She went to the Northfield OB department where a test detected amniotic fluid. Since she was pre-term she was put in an ambulance and again sent to Rochester Mayo. After a couple days with no signs of contractions, no change in the appearance of the amniotic sac on ultrasound, and no detectable amniotic fluid on swab tests it was determined that she simply lost her mucus plug. This can happen days or weeks prior to labor. At this time it was thought that since there were no signs of contractions that the mucus plug may have just come out due to all the stress Michelle had experienced in the previous weeks. So on Thursday August 5th, we were sent home. Michelle felt good for a few days.

On Friday Dr. Erickson said to me, “We were thinking of heading up north for a week, how is Michelle doing? Is she going to have a baby this week?” To which I replied, “There’s no reason to believe she is going to go into labor at this time. I think you are fine to go up north next week.”


Sunday night around midnight I found Michelle bent over in pain leaning on our bed. We talked about her pain and she didn’t feel like it was contraction pain, so we chalked it up to Kidney stones. I held her hand in bed for about 1 minute before falling asleep. The next thing I know, I was awakened by a phone call at 2:30am. It was from Michelle. I was confused. I was quite surprised when she said she was having contractions and I needed to get there ASAP.

Despite Michelle’s best efforts to get in an ambulance and get to Mayo, she delivered a squawking little 3lbs 1oz baby boy at District One hospital at 4:06am on Monday August 9th.

(I waited until 6am to call Dr. Bob and tell him his vacation was over)

So baby Simpson came about 11 weeks early. And because of that, he was whisked off to the NICU at Rochester Mayo by a team of neonatal nurses. That is where he will stay, until he meets the criteria to come home, which should be sometime in the next 8-10 weeks.

More updates to come!

- Dustin