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The story of us starts in May of 2008.  Paul was living in Rexburg, Idaho and Liz was living in San Jose, California.  Both decided to take a last minute trip to Las Vegas over Memorial Day Weekend.  On the last night of our trips, is when the magic happened and we ran into each other and it was all over after that!  Paul moved back to Charlotte, North Carolina, shortly after his trip and after months of a long distance relationship with Liz, used his charm and good looks to persuade her to move to Charlotte.  Shortly after moving to Charlotte, they decided to get married in June of 2009.  They traveled to many places and had a fantastic time experiencing the world together.  After a few years, Liz decided to go back to college and get her nursing degree.  After graduating nursing school in 2016, they wanted to add some children to the mix.  Over a three year period, they tried very hard to make this happen.  They went to a fertility clinic with no success and had a total of 3 miscarriages, and really had no answer to why this kept happening.  After Liz did some digging she found out about karyotype testing to check for chromosome abnormalities to try and find out as to why we weren't able to conceive.  She found out that she has what is called a balanced translocation, which meant with her that her chromosome 12 and her chromosome 21 had switched some pieces. Since it was done equally with no extra chromosomes this meant she didn't have any issues physically or mentally with her, but it can cause fertility issues. At the same time of finding this out, she found out she was pregnant again!  They felt that the same thing would happen with this pregnancies as with the previous pregnancies. There wasn't much hope, but to their surprise they made it to the 6 week vitality scan and everything looked good and the heart was beating away! So this is where the story of Isabella begins..........