Baby Love McEvoy

First post: Jun 14, 2019 Latest post: Jul 9, 2019

Thank you for visiting our caring bridge site. We created it to update anyone who wants to pray with us to get updates about our daughter's health. Here is the back story on baby love: We have been longing to grow our family for a few years now. A few months into that journey we were devastated by an ectopic pregnancy. After we let our hearts heal a bit we started trying again and had a hear of negative pregnancy tests. We started fertility work up and were told we had less than a 1% chance of conceiving naturally and that our best bet was to try IVF. We did all the pre work and signed up to start in early January....but we got to cancel our first IVF appointment because in December we unexpectedly got a positive pregnancy test. At first we were pretty guarded because of fear it would be another ectopic, but we got in for an early ultrasound and lil babe was right where she needed to be. She continued to grow well and normally through the 20 week anatomy scan, which did show some concern for one slightly dilated kidney, which we were told is a relatively common finding and usually easily resolvable with good outcomes. 

But unfortunately, on 6/4 we had a follow up ultrasound at 28 weeks that showed significant progression of her kidney issues. Both kidneys are now very dilated and have multiple large cysts. They are taking up so much room that her abdomen is measuring much larger than it should be for her gestational age and she also has no measurable amniotic fluid. Doctors are concerned the combination of her crowded abdomen and chest cavity and lack of amniotic fluid will have impaired her lung development too much to be able to function outside the womb so our first obstacle is if she will breath or not, which there is no way to know until we meet her. If she does breath she is looking at some major NICU time and need for follow up of her kidney issues. Currently we are inpatient at Swedish in the antepartum until so we can closely monitor how baby girl is doing as we are balancing wanting her to develop on the inside as long as possible with knowing that babies can't tolerate no amniotic fluid for long and at some point may need an emergency c section. Doctors, some more forcefully than others, have made clear that the chance of a positive outcome are very slim, but we are clinging to hope and we believe that prayer can change things. We are thankful so many of you have wanted to pray with us. 

Here are specific prayer requests for our girl:

-pray her kidneys are healed and start functioning properly and that the cysts disappear. 
-pray her lungs have developed/keep developing enough to function in the outside world
-pray she stays stable for the next few weeks so we can wait until at least 32 weeks to deliver so she has the chance to develop a bit more before going into all of these medical procedures. 
-Pray for safety for her heart as it has to work extra hard to keep beating in the midst of all the crowding right now. 

Thank you!