Ayda Eales

On Wednesday, June 12, Ayda Eales was admitted to Joe Dimaggio’s Children Hospital because her potassium level was critically low and she her blood pressure was extremely high—what seemed to be the cause of her undiagnosed, chronic GI issues paired with a normal virus. Over the course of a few long and emotionally draining days for Ayda and her parents, Drew and Allysar, the doctors ruled out GI abnormalities, kidney blockage, cystic fibrosis, and so much more.

On Tuesday, June 18, Ayda’s CT showed that she had a large mass in the back of her stomach near her spine. Her doctors suspected it was malignant tumor called neuroblastoma. Their next steps were to confirm what type of tumor it is and specifically where it is located. Because it is near the spine, they brought in neurosurgeons to evaluate her care as well. On Wednesday, June 19, she had a sedated MRI confirming its location. The doctor believes it is 100% treatable and curable. The steps forward include confirming the stage and location of the tumor, chemotherapy, and an unknown amount of hospitalization. We are believing in faith that she will be (is already) healed.

From her inception, Ayda Grace has been a miracle. She is strong and she is a light to all who meet her. We know that God has used (and continues to use) Ayda Grace to move in profound ways to bind hearts together in deep, profound community from before she was born. This community is faithful and so strong and has surrounded the Eales family with prayer in a way that has moved all those who witness it. 

Now, our community has the opportunity to answer a prayer that weighs on the Ealeses’ hearts and minds—the financial burdens that will soon follow her healing. As you continue to pray for Ayda's healing, please consider donating to support their medical deductible and cancer treatment costs, new daily expenses like meals and transportation (to and from the hospital daily to see Kyden, their 9 month old son), and childcare for their youngest.

Thank you in advance for your faithful prayers and donations, but most importantly, for reminding the Eales family that they are not alone in their love for sweet their miracle, Ayda.