Axel Riordan #AxelStrong

First post: Sep 12, 2020 Latest post: Jan 21, 2021
MLD. Three simple letters that have hugely impacted our lives in an instant. Like most people including ourselves you ask.... What is MLD?


 Axel A Riordan was born October 15 2017

He is a growing HAPPY boy!!

His favorite things to do consists of trying to keep up with his big brother Ryder and video games with Dad! He loves music!! His smile and moves will melt the hardest of hearts!! At the end of his active day he looks forward to barn time with Mama and his farm animals. Our active little man started showing subtle changes. As he began to decline with meeting essential developmental stages, such as walking. The tests began.....

By medical “definition”... MLD is a rare hereditary disease that causes the destruction of the protective fatty layer (myelin sheath) surrounding the nerves in both the central and the peripheral nervous systems.

Now to describe the “definition” of how this devastating disorder impacts our family.   Axel's form of MLD (Late Infantile) is a rapidly progressive disease that effects all gross and fine motor skills, language and cognitive functions within the next few years.


As the family adjusts to countless medical appointments, out of state clinical trials, life changes, and financial strain. We are reaching out to our family and friends for support and prayers as they embark on this MLD journey.

Please consider the #AxelStrong merchandise and sharing this page to help raise awareness and most importantly support our Ax man as we prepare for battle against MLD!!!!!