Avery Tronsdal Avery Strong

First post: Jun 6, 2020 Latest post: Oct 17, 2021
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May 2020, our beautiful, smiling little girl began the fight of her life. 
We (Daniel & Sarah, parents) noticed a rash on Avery's legs.  It was a weird rash, but nothing too concerning.  48 hours later she developed a fever.  A  negative COVID-19 test led us to believe this was just a nasty, run of the mill, viral infection.  No big deal.

Fast forward 9 days:   Avery is being loaded into a helicopter and transported to John's Hopkin's All Children's Hospital.   She is sleeping 14-20 hours a day with a steady 105-degree fever.; our little ball of energy is febrile, dehydrated, and  obviously deteriorating. Thus begins an unexpected and unwanted journey for our little family.   

I (Daniel) thought I had experienced pain in my life but seeing my daughter in such agony on a daily basis has truly been heartbreaking.  Avery is a fighter and the girl has grit. Stick with us-- Sarah & Daniel-- as we navigate a new chapter and continue fighting the good fight.