Ava Remak Nelson Ava's Lung Cancer Journey

Hello family and friends,

As some of you know, my mother, Ava, only daughter of Mimi, was diagnosed with Stage 3 NonSmall Cell Lung Cancer this spring. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic she found herself struggling to breathe. Being the formidable woman she is, she drove herself to the hospital. They took her through diagnostic protocol and found a spot on her lung during the chest x-ray. After all was said and done...not Covid-19 but Lung Cancer. 

Ava has never been a smoker so this news was and is a shock to all of us. How could this happen to her?  Ava, mother to myself (Ariel), Alex, Daniel and David, grandmother to Ella and Harper is fighting lung cancer.

In June, she had a lobectomy, removing her upper left lung lobe. During this procedure they found the cancer was at Stage 3, meaning it had spread to several nearby lymph nodes. Not the diagnosis we were expecting. We were hoping that surgery would be the cure, but she requires more treatment.

My mom received her first chemotherapy treatment without an abundance of pain and discomfort. Her second treatment last week has brought considerably more discomfort and exhaustion. She needs our support at this time. Looking ahead with 2-3 more chemo treatments, she may need in-home care and support.

Ava is an independent person and wants to maintain that independence. To do so, she will need rides to medical appointments, premade food items, light cleaning and other help. I live about 75 minutes north, work and teach at our local university and am ushering my stepdaughter through 7th grade schooling online. With work/family/home commitments, I can visit my mom several times a month and do some caretaking responsibilities from my home. That said, she needs the support of a broader circle of family and friends as she undergoes chemo and fights lung cancer.

Thanks for your love and support of my mom, Ava.