Ava Ondrachek

First post: Aug 27, 2021 Latest post: Sep 14, 2021
Little miss Ava Nicole came into our lives after a 40 week and 3 day pregnancy on August 25th, 2021 at 1:15pm. Weighing in at 6 lb, 14 oz, 20 inches long, she made a quick entrance into the world! Mom & dad couldn't have been happier! She was a beauty and everyone was doing well post delivery. Around 4 am the next day mom had gotten up with Ava to do a feeding. Something didn't seem quite right and she didn't seem interested in nursing like she had earlier. Ava started to vomit green fluid. She continued to vomit green 3-4 more times that morning. The nurses paged the pediatrician and consulted the NICU team who then decided to transfer Ava down to the NICU for further monitoring and imaging. Images showed possible bowel blockage. It was decided Ava should be transferred to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis for further intervention. Not even 24 hours old, Ava was transferred via ambulance to Children's Hospital where she underwent more testing which led to the quick decision for emergent surgery to fix malrotation and volvulus of her bowel. Dr. Segura led the 5 hour surgery on the night of August 26th in which he did a laparoscopic to open LADDs procedure to fix her twisted bowel. Dr. Segura was happy with how the surgery went and Ava is now in the NICU recovering. It is anticipated that she will be spending weeks here as she recovers.

Helpful information: https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/malrotation.html