Avah Sunflower

First post: Dec 6, 2020 Latest post: Dec 11, 2020
Last Thursday Avah went to her Dr. and after a lot of tests and hours she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor.  This is a rare type of childhood kidney cancer.  Avah is one of 4 in the USA this year to get this.  Because the tumor touched her lungs, the oncologists have deemed her a Stage IV.  The doctors will give Avah chemo treatments after the removal of the tumor.  Avah needs our positive words, thoughts and prayers.  On Monday, December 7, 2020 she will have surgery to remove the tumor and install a port so that she won't have to keep getting shots and blood tests with needles.  Avah is aware of all of this that is happening and what is going to happen during her recovery.  Everyone on her treatment team is optimistic and positively hopeful that she will have a 100% recovery after their plan of treatment is finished.  We have a job to do, family:  we have be positive and trust that the surgeons will have perfect healing hands and that Avah will keep getting the best news again and again going forward.  I send you all a huge hug from Avah and please come here often as I will update as we go along.  Louisa and Mikey are by her side every minute.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Milo and Nova are FaceTime involved and they are being such good babies for Grandma Delmy and Grandpa Michael.  Send them good vibes and prayers.  But above all please send God our amazing healer a special thank you for continuing to keep Avah and our family in His precious hands.  #AvahStrong

*We are only posting on this site as we are trying to keep this private for immediate family and friends only right now.