Autumn Tracy

First post: Nov 20, 2019 Latest post: Nov 24, 2019
On  November 17th around 4:30 am Brittany woke up with very strong contractions and we decided to go into the Mother Baby Center in Coon Rapids. We got to the hospital and she was dilated to 2cm. Autumn's heart rate was in the 130's when we got there which was good. They were having trouble getting a strong enough heart beat to show on the monitor shortly after we  got to there so they decided that they would turn Brittany over on her side and see if that helped which did not.  They were going to try fluids and see if   baby's movements would pick up which also did not happen.  By this point babies heart rate had dropped down to 109 so they told us that we have to do an emergency C section within the next 30 minutes.  They took us back for the C section and started to cut  & when they got to the uterus they realized that Brittany's uterus had ruptured.  They got the baby out & she was not breathing & they had to resuscitate her.  Brittany was fine all but had quite a bit of blood loss. Baby was sent to Children's Nicu in Minneapolis where she would be further taken care of since she was not able to fully breath on her own and would possibly have some damage to her brain from oxygen deprivation  & further more advanced treatment and technology.