Austin Gelder

On Saturday, March 10th our good friend and Swift Cantrell Running Club "Swift Kids" Coach suffered a massive heart attack. 

A woman, who we now know is named Dawn Poehls Jones, noticed Austin was not ok and stopped what she was doing, asked him if he was ok and when she realized he wasn't, she drove him to the hospital. She was driving Austin  to the Northside Canton when he seized. She called 911 and performed chest compressions until the Canton Police Department, GA  arrived. Time is of the essence in a situation like this.. and without those chest compressions and that AED, Austin would not be here with us today.

These folks saved his life because they not only knew what to do but they cared enough to notice a stranger wasn't ok and then offered help.

This is the world I want to live in, a world where complete strangers work together to compassionatly love and serve their fellow man.

God Bless Dawn, her family and all the first responders.... and as a PSA, take a CPR class (and be willing to serve).. you never know who's life you might just save.

Alisha will be updating this site to let everyone know what is going on with our friend.

Additionally we have up a meal train for the family.