Aurora Long- Berning

First post: Oct 26, 2018
Aurora was born with a Congenital Heart Defect called Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV) and she also has a Ventricle septal defect (VSD). at just 8 days old Aurora had open heart surgery to place a shunt on her heart to make more oxygenated blood pump  through her body. They had closed off the Ventricle that was small and placed the shunt. Aurora spent a month in the hospital fighting every battle she faced. From getting all of her tubes and lines removed to a scare of NEC which is where a portion of the bowel dies. She ended up with a feeding tube that she had came home with and only had for a couple days after discharge. Everything was going well until  my parents had arrived home from Sturgis and that night Aurora had chocked on her spit up and was not breathing and 911 had to be called.  The paramedics had said she was clear and she slept hard that night. The Monday after Auroras home health nurse was at our house for a visit, she could hear the her heart had a different sound to it. We went to see the Cardiologist and her team and they had saw that Auroras heart function was not doing the best, Aurora was admitted again. She had spent the next week trying to find the balance that her body needed and she was discharged again.  It was smooth sailing from there, she had new medication and she was showing us her sassy attitude and how strong she was. A couple weeks later, Aurora chocked on her spit up again and 911 was called again, and she was cleared. We had spent sometime at the hospital trying to figure out what was causing her to choke but all her test came back great. So my mom (thank god I have my mom) realized if we get her on her side right away and she doesn't aspirate the spit up and she calms down and doesn't stop breathing. So every now and then she has those spit ups where she wants to choke, but we know how to prevent! fast forward to last week while we were at another visit, her cardiologist and her team saw that she was out growing the shunt they had placed at 8 days old, they were hoping she would make it to 6 months with that shunt but every baby is different. So Aurora will be having open heart surgery again this coming Thursday November 1st, to place  a bigger shunt in a different location to make her blood pump even better. This was yet another hic up in the road but she is strong. Auroras team is amazing and I wouldn't trust her in anyone else's hands. Aurora is a fighter and she is strong , stubborn and she has her crazy mom hovering, protecting  and loving her ( along with the rest of her family).