Aubrey Lee

First post: Dec 16, 2021 Latest post: Jul 8, 2022
As many of her friends and family know Aubrey was diagnosed with a heart condition called Left Ventricular Non Compaction at the age of 4 months old.  For the past 23 years her condition has been managed using medication, however over the past year Aubrey has required more frequent hospitalizations for heart failure and her heart function has significantly decreased.  It was determined that she would require a heart transplant.  They also advised that Aubrey may need surgical intervention to help her heart function until a transplant was possible.  At that time Aubrey's hope was that her condition could be managed with medication and close monitoring by her care team.  Aubrey was hospitalized on Saturday, November 27, 2021  to be treated for heart failure and admitted to the ICU.  After a few days of treatment Aubrey suffered a kidney injury due to the medications she was being given to manage the heart failure and fluid retention, at that point medications were put on hold to allow her kidneys to heal.  During the next few days of observation and treatment, her care team decided that Aubrey would require an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) .  This device would assist her weakened heart to pump and be used as a bridge until her transplant.  Our hopes were that Aubrey would not require an LVAD prior to transplant, but it was quickly made clear that this was absolutely necessary.  Aubrey had open heart surgery on Monday, December 13, 2021 to implant her LVAD, it was also determined that the right side of her heart was also weak so they also implanted a temporary RVAD (right ventricular assist device) in the hopes that it would help strengthen the right side of her heart and could be removed.
Late Monday evening Aubrey was brought back into surgery due to a complication with excessive bleeding, the surgery went well and all repairs were made, and they made the decision to leave her chest open to monitor for any additional complications and to allow time for her to rest.  

Jessica was able to see her on Tuesday, after her visit she received news that Aubrey had a great day and they would be closing her chest on Wednesday.  

On Tuesday they also turned down Aubrey's temporary RVAD and today they will be performing a transesophageal echo to see if the right side of her heart has strengthened enough so she does not require a permanent RVAD.  

Aubrey, Jessica and our entire family appreciate the outpouring of love, support and prayers that have been received.   With all the new information coming fast and the amount of people who love and care about Aubrey, Jessica wanted to create a space where everyone can come to get an update.  Aubrey's family cannot thank you enough for all of the love being sent.  Aubrey has a strong faith in God and does have the chaplain visiting her regularly, the family thanks you all for also keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate every wish for an easy recovery and will keep you updated!