Ashton Kwasniewski Ashton Ann Kwasniewski

First post: Apr 4, 2020 Latest post: Jun 19, 2020
On Wednesday April 1st Heather started to have contractions which she originally thought they were Braxton-Hicks.  However, they started to become more frequent so Ryan and Heather headed to the Sanford Hospital in Aberdeen. They were able to determine that Heather had a urinary tract infection that was causing some uterine contractions.  Baby was doing great and everything looked normal.  They started Heather on IV antibiotics and fluids which helped with the duration of her contractions.  The hospital team and Heather's maternal fetal medicine specialist felt confident in sending her home.  On Thursday April 2nd Heather continued to have contractions so they headed back to Aberdeen in the morning.   Once there Heather started to have intense cramping and back pain which they thought were being caused by the UTI.  They determined she was not having contractions and baby was still doing great.  At around 3:30pm Heather quickly dilated and they determined she was going into labor.  They were preparing to fly her to Sioux Falls but they decided it was not safe to fly because of the freezing rain and snow.  Heather was continuing to dilate and the medial team decided a c-section was the safest way to deliver baby.  Ashton Ann Kwasniewski was born at 28 weeks weighing 2lbs and 14oz.  On Friday April 3rd Ashton was flown by fixed wing aircraft to Sanford Sioux Falls where she is now in the NICU.