Ashlie Mosoiu

First post: Nov 6, 2021 Latest post: Dec 25, 2021
Ashlie Mosoiu became a second time mama on Wednesday, October 20 with the birth of her daughter Zoey. Her and  her husband, Brant Mosoiu, were thrilled to add baby Zoey to their family along side Miles who is 18 months old. Everything went really well with the delivery.  Ashlie came home two days later and began caring for her newborn daughter.  On Wednesday, November 3, two weeks after giving birth, Ashlie was rushed to ICU when she had trouble breathing and could hardly move. Doctors ran a battery of tests to determine what was wrong and finally identified that she has COVID and bronchitis.

On Thursday Ashlie was battling for her life with her oxygen levels dangerously low and not improving.  Her family mobilized prayer support and soon people all over the world were praying for Ashlie's life.   Brant was allowed to see her and he encouraged her to fight, especially for her kiddos.  When Brant went home that evening, he was not sure if he had just said goodbye to his wife for the last time.  The next morning was very challenging as well, but the doctors were able to give her a bi-pap mask that allowed her to breather better and her oxygen levels steadily improved.  

She is still recovering in ICU and still has a ways to go.  Brant has been by her side every day.  Please pray for Ashlie that she continues to progress until she can come home.  Pray for Brant that he can provide strength and encouragement for his wife during this difficult period.  Also, please pray for Brant's mom, Manda, as she has been taking care of baby Zoey and Miles until Ashlie can come home again.

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