Arthur Ibarrientos

First post: May 3, 2022 Latest post: Aug 5, 2022
Art, Arthur, Barry, Manoy... however you like to address him, returned to the US from the Philippines July 2021 for medical help as he was very sick. Later that month he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. This diagnosis did not come with a cure, rather a treatment to slow the progress of the cancer and help give him some more time. He has since been receiving immunotherapy and was responding well up until January of this year. We noticed a rapid decline in his state and it has recently been determined that his cancer is no longer responding to the immunotherapy treatment. He has been given a 3 month prognosis on April 22 along with the option to start a more aggressive treatment with a very low success rate of extending his life a couple months. He has decided to move forward with the more aggressive treatment despite it not being recommended for his current state. He has a very difficult journey ahead of him. 

Although he has requested not to tell or see anyone, I am hoping that some words from his loved ones will bring him comfort during this very difficult time. If you so feel inclined to write him a note or letter I will try to pass it along. I cannot guarantee that it will be read by him, but perhaps even just seeing a growing stack of letters will let him know just how loved he is. Maybe some words of comfort, a favorite memory or why your relationship with him has brought value to your life could be included in your note. 

Send letters to 1342 Emerald St. NE, Washington, DC 20002 and e-mails to ameliacolette (at)

I will try to post updates here as we have them.