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First post: Jul 19, 2021 Latest post: Aug 19, 2021
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On Friday, July 16th Baba Perkins went in to Summit Hospital for a scheduled angiogram test.  It was planned as a routine outpatient procedure, or overnight stay at the most, but upon doing the test the doctors found significant blockage in a few cardiac arteries.  As a result they decided to keep Baba in the hospital and immediately scheduled triple bypass surgery for Monday.  

Aside from the blockage Baba’s heart muscle is in fine condition, as you would expect from his healthy lifestyle and the care he takes of his physical temple. There has been no damage to the heart since this was caught before anything negative happened.  

Currently the doctors and nurses are busy administering a battery of tests and preparatory procedures in advance of the surgery. Through it all Baba is his usual happy, engaged, and positive self.  His support structure has also jumped into action - family, medical, spiritual, and we will soon engage with community - so he is well supported as we work through this.

I would like to reiterate that Baba is currently in great condition, high spirits, and is his usual jovial self. While we are all expecting a full recovery, and that he will be even better and more energetic than before, Monday will be the beginning of a significant and arduous journey that will take effort in self care and positive influence.  The plan is for him to remain here at Summit Hospital Oakland through the end of next week when his medical team (who have been excellent) will analyze and determine the next phase, be that  in a cardiac rehab facility or at home.

Post operation rest and recuperation are going to be critical to his speedy recovery.  It is generally expected that a full recovery will take six months, with a gradual return to normal activity. He won’t be traveling, driving,  lifting, fly fishing, or otherwise exerting energy for at least six weeks. We also expect  to keep all external drama to a minimum (personal or otherwise), and would appreciate your help in doing so.  With that said, we appreciate your love and support, and will update this site with any needs.  It’s going to be important to provide him the space to convalesce.  We ask that only family (DNA or Legal) visit while he is in the hospital.  That said, we may set up a zoom at some point for those that want to see his glowing face (stay tuned for info on that).

As we get more information we will make every effort to update this page.  It is likely that we will need support in some areas (anyone want to water some plants!?!?), and we will post those here once we get better barring on what will be needed.

Again, thanks for the love and support and please send your positive and healing vibes his way along with keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

The Perkins Family