Aria Turner Turner Family

First post: Mar 23, 2020 Latest post: Sep 4, 2021

Aria Turner was just a normal kindergartner who enjoyed life and loved being with her friends and family. After the New Year, Aria came down with what her mom thought was the flu. She had a fever, chills, and was extremely fatigued. After several weeks Aria was still exhibiting symptoms of excessive exhaustion and would sleep 12-14 hours at night and then would fall asleep at school. By mid-March she was losing weight rapidly and suffering from migraines and eye pain. Everyone from her teacher, family, and friends knew something was not right. After multiple doctors appointments and tests, an MRI revealed Aria had a brain tumor and she was immediately hospitalized in the ICU. After an emergency surgery to relieve fluid (and pressure) from her brain, the doctors speculated that she had a craniopharyngioma (a benign brain tumor). Further blood work and tests revealed every parent's worst nightmare - Aria did not have a benign tumor, but a malignant one. She is set to begin chemo treatments the week of March 30. She will complete six cycles of aggressive chemotherapy at Children's Hospital, followed by six weeks of radiation at the Mayo Clinic. While her friends and family are shocked and devastated, they are not without faith and hope. Thank you for reading, praying, sharing, and caring. The family is so grateful for your love and support.  
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