April Hugg

First post: Nov 30, 2016 Latest post: Oct 29, 2020
The past few months April has been doctoring for ear pain, vision changes, light sensitivity and headaches. After many trips to the doctor and many tests we found out that April has a cyst-like liaison on her brain. So we scheduled the first available appointment we could with a neurosurgeon in Grand Forks, which was Friday December 2nd. However, her headaches continued to get worse. This past weekend she had a super bad headache so we took her to the Grand Forks ER. After reviewing her chart and her test results the Grand Forks doctors felt she needed to get to the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis asap. So April and Mike were flown to Minneapolis and I was driven there by Mike's parents. Initially we were told they were going to operate as soon as they arrived. But after the doctors reviewed her case, they felt it would be in her best interest to learn more about the cyst before proceeding. On Monday they gave her a second MRI which gave them a better look at the cyst. This MRI mapped the brain fluid and thankfully showed that there was no blockage. The surgeons feel the cyst should be removed and feel that the surgery will relieve her headaches and vision troubles. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday, December 1st at 7:30am. April has remained positive and upbeat throughout this whole situation. We would appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery.