April Busch

First post: Sep 3, 2018 Latest post: Nov 3, 2018
In July 2018, April received the news we all fear: "You have breast cancer." This came as quite a shock as she went in for removal of a benign growth that had less than 20% chance of being malignant. Cancer is sneaky and hers did not show up on mammogram. By the grace of God, the surgeon stumbled upon it by removing extra tissue beyond the lesion she was originally removing and that's where it was....ductal carcinoma in situ AND invasive ductal carcinoma.

April has handled this devastating news with grace and a positive attitude, something I'm not sure many of us are capable of doing. She has kept her head on straight and weighed all of her options to make the best decision for her and her family. April will undergo bilateral mastectomy on 9/24/18, along with lymph node biopsy. This operation gives April the best chance of being done with cancer once and for all. There is evidence of it invading local tissue. The doctors are not sure she doesn't have more lesions because there are suspicious areas on her follow-up MRI that *could* be more malignant growths. To be sure and ease her mind of further worrying, she has opted to have both breasts removed.

She will need all of our support and encouragement to get her through this major operation and extended recovery period. We are utilizing this platform because we know so many people want to stay updated on her progress. This will allow us to provide information in one, convenient place. Your love and support is so appreciated by the entire Busch family and allows April to not be on this journey alone. Together, we are #TeamApril and will help her at becoming the next breast cancer survivor.