Anthony Tyson

First post: Jan 19, 2019 Latest post: Jan 23, 2019
Anthony is 6 years old. He had surgery on 1/16/2019 to remove a cyst on his neck. Around 2:00am on 1/17/2019 he woke up with stomach pain and went to the restroom, and as he was going to the bathroom he started swelling up, throwing up, and having a hard time breathing. I (mom) called 911 immediately and then we rode in the ambulance to Lakeland Regional Hospital. When we got there he was so swollen he couldn't open his eyes. We all thought it was a delayed allergic reaction the some medication he was given during the surgery the day before. As time went on both lungs collapsed. He had to be intubated and sedated, he also had to have a chest tube inserted in his sides going into his lungs. Lakeland Regional couldn't figure out what was wrong so they airlifted Anthony to Nemours Children's Hospital for further help. When we got to the hospital, one Dr. realized that it wasn't an allergic reaction, that there had to be a hole on his trachea from the surgery the day before. From there, the doctors took him to the OR and put a camera down his throat and found where the air leak came from. There was a dime size hole on his trachea, and when Anthony strained he caused the air to spread out into his whole body. They ended up taking a piece of his rib and stitching it into the hole that was on his trachea. 

After this, he had a fever the night following the 2nd surgery, but that was about it. He had a few x ray's on 1/18/2019 and he was able to get both chest tubes removed (Thank God). Then, on 1/19/2019 he had a couple of minor setbacks, his oxygen went down and then his heart rate went down because of the secretions stuck in his lungs. They had to do compressions on him for about 3 minutes. They now suction his lungs out every 4 hours and has had no problems since. We are continuing to pray over him and are continuing to share his story, because the more prayers, the more blessings for our boy. Thank you for following Anthony's story and being so encouraging and loving towards my family and I.