Ann Thomsen

First post: Feb 18, 2021 Latest post: Jul 25, 2021
Hello family and friends. Thank you for visiting Ann’s Caring Bridge site.

Ann had been experiencing some migraines, which caused insomnia and nausea, for the past month. She has also encountered a fainting spell, memory loss, and slight facial drooping. Thanks to an attentive close circle of family and friends, we noticed these changes, and were able to convince Ann to go to the ER while in Rapid City for her soon-to-be grandson’s baby shower on February 13, 2021. Upon that trip to the ER, CT scans and an MRI were administered, which showed a mass and swelling near the front right quarter of her brain. Ann was well taken care of at Monument Health while in Rapid, and had her biopsy on February 16. Ann, Stu, Grace and Ellen, as well as her two sisters Margy and Carmen, are currently waiting for the biopsy results from Mayo Clinic while still in Rapid City.

Ann, and her family, wanted to thank all of those that are keeping her in their prayers. We are thankful for the support system that we have and continue to welcome the positive thoughts and prayers.