Ann Sovell (Tryhus)

First post: Apr 8, 2019 Latest post: Apr 29, 2019
Dear Family and Friends

Here’s an update on Annie,

As you know,  Annie has been struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease for over a decade.   

In the past month, she lost the ability to walk and now her body does not know how to swallow, which happens in the last stage of the disease.  

She has been resting peacefully for the last few days and she doesn’t appear to be in pain, but she is getting some medicine for comfort.

She will do some hand and neck movement that I would describe as newborn stretching in sleep.  She opens her eyes rarely, but when they do open they don’t track and focus on anyone.

She is not eating or drinking anymore. We are just applying lip balm and thickened water via sponge to keep her mouth dry.

 The Head Hospice nurse is awesome.  She estimates about 10 days until that final moment, but things can change quickly.  She says they normally spike a fever a day or two before the end.

 We’ve been talking to Ann and telling her we love her so much and it’s ok to go. 

 When she does pass over, we will not rush to have a fast service, but probably have the celebration of Life 10 days or so afterwards on a Saturday.

 We will be sending her to Mayo clinic for an autopsy as part of their Alzheimer’s research study and to determine more definitely what type of Alzheimer’s she had.  She will be cremated.

 If possible, please hold your calls as we help her through this final stage.  We will be using CaringBridge to keep our loved ones updated.

Visitors may see her anytime at Kingsley Shores, room 125.

Love you all


Nick, Kelly and Nicholas