Ann Mock

First post: Nov 8, 2018
Ann has been diagnosed with stage 4, inoperable and terminal lung cancer. This cancer is a re-occurrence of the lung cancer she was diagnosed with in early 2017. At that time she underwent surgery and was cleared of all cancer. She then had 6 months of intense chemotherapy to kill any cells that might have escaped. She finished this chemo in Dec. 2017. Her re-occurrence started a month or two ago with shoulder pain that spread down her side, on the same side of the prior surgery. As the pain steadily increased, Ann went in for a CT scan, followed by a PET scan and needle biopsy. These test came back positive for cancer, now located on her diaphragm. Based on the results, Ann was given 9m to 1 year to live.  I'm Brad and Ann is my wife of 30 years in March. We believe in miracles and that God is in control so we would love to have any and all prayer we can get. Thank you