Ann Larson Ann Larson 2nd Battle

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My story starts back in 1990 . That is when I found a lump in my left breast & then had my first mammograph.  No further testing just had a Lumpectomy & a week later Lymph node  bisection. I had a 3cm lump & clean lymph nodes---so blessed.  In the next 5 months I went thru radiation & chemo ( no ports 30 yr ago).   I had spent the next 30 years cancer free.  I have been religious with my yearly follow ups with my oncologist.   30 years later things are the same but sooo different.   In May I decided to have genetic studies done , my sister had found a lump which turned out to be atypical cells & she suggested the studies.  I had not considered it all until then.  I met with Bonnie & had the study done .  Turns out my DNA is all normal-- such great news for my daughters & grand-daughters.  Three weeks later 5/23 I had my annual tests & for the first time in 30 years called back--- I knew then, instinct.  So on May 30th I saw my oncologist & had my diagnostic Mamo & ultrasound with biopsy . By Friday 5/31 it was confirmed CANCER , a new one .   Then  on to a surgeon  Dr.Cassandra Anderson at Allilna  . I cant say enough about her , so sweet & personable .    She insisted that I needed full information in order to make an informed decision.  So first things first get my baby son married up in Lutsen  & then to the plastic surgeon for a consult.   I stayed with my initial decision Masectomy  on the left & no reconstruction ( I found out I could not have a lumpectomy again because you can only have radiation once at the same site, even 30 years later)  so smaller tumor 1cm on pics but bigger surgery. Had another ultra sound & CT everything came back clean, again angels watching over me.  I called to get scheduled & received a date & time one week later May 29 @ 3:30p.  Great moving right along , sons wedding went super & all the festivities were over by then.  Now to concentrate on myself.   Surgery could not have gone better, ok so it started late but still ok. By 8:30pm  I was in my room feeling pretty good , no nausea , conversing , drinking & eating orange ice.  Slept well considering were I was.  Ate a full breakfast & saw my docs & was home before lunch .  Unreal is the only way to describe it.  One 10in incision  & a drain with very little pain. Very blessed in so many ways.  So now my battle has new & improved weapons yet to be decided .  I see my oncologist Thursday & should have a battle plan   .