Anne Young

First post: Dec 6, 2018 Latest post: Dec 12, 2020

Anne is still in active chemotherapy treatment. It seems never-ending, but now that there is a possible end to the treatment phase in sight, it is time to update this main page. Chemo treatments have been every 3 weeks since they started. We've settled into a routine of treatments and scans. The people who continue to provide help (in so many ways) continue to amaze us. We are hoping to get to that big surgery soon. Even getting to the point where our oncologist is talking about surgery again, which seemed unlikely a few short months ago, really changes the game for us. We sat down as a family this past week to plan some fun summer activities. To this point it's been tough to plan anything except for chemo treatments and arranging for help with the kids. Hope everyone is having a great summer!  ~Pete

Anne Young was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in November 2018. We have spent the past month visiting with medical professionals, crying, cursing, laughing, spending time together as a family, getting the kids excited for Christmas, relying on the kindness of our friends and family (which is hard for us), re-watching GoT (thanks, Van Slycks), and  finalizing surgical plans for early December.

Surgery will, as Anne puts it, "take a lot of stuff that I'd rather keep." Our cancer team at the University of Minnesota Medical Center is working on a miracle to save her life. Prognosis is unclear until they get inside. Updates to come on that front.

Anne is a stay-at-home mom with three children. Adella (12), Leo (4), and Harrison (2). She is also a Mother-of-Chickens (we have 5). When she's not getting kids ready for school and taking care of issues that come up all too often with our house that was built in the 1870s...she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, spending time outside (especially with those chickens), sewing/knitting/creating, making our home look great for various holidays, making sure her husband takes care of house maintenance issues (and taking care of them herself when he for some reason puts them off), cooking when she has time, and generally taking care of business - she makes our family GO. 

She recently posted her cancer "rules" on facebook - I will re-post them here. If you know Anne, these are perfectly her:  1. It's so lovely if you'd like to pray for me, or you are so sorry this is happening. But please don't say that. It makes me feel so fragile and sick.  2. My kids know about this, but we'd like to prevent any googling. So if you speak to Adella, just say "cancer".  3. Bonus points for curse words.  4. There will be ways to help, but for some weird reason I am stubbornly resistant to it. Please see Heidi [her good friend - you can also contact Pete] the second they put me under, and she'll have ideas...

I will post periodically in the Journal section of this website to keep you all updated. Thanks to everyone who continues to provide love and support during these challenging times.

Pete Young