Anna Bruder slack gustafson Anna Bruder slack gustafs

First post: Feb 23, 2019
Where do I start about my sister Anna she is the most careing person in the world she is the third oldest in our family as I am the baby if the family . my sister Anna has been in the hospital since last Sunday and been in ICU since then. After surgery the surgeon had to keep my sisters stomach open to make sure all the poison was out she has lost half of her colon also 8 in interstien she still remains in a coma to this day. Last week she went back into surgery to make sure the poison was out of her body they close the stomach on Thursday they started reducing the breathing machine on her to see if she will wake up she has not woken up however my sister Cindy went there today and my sister Anna is making faces   know that she was  there my sister Cindy told me that my sister Anna is bloated and all she does is lay there she has to cute ponytail  in her hair God knows that's not my sister. If everybody knows my sister she is the mother hen she kept this family going when my father and mother passed away she was always there after my brother passed away too did you kind of call her the godmother this family she always loved working in her garden and just being outside maybe she's just tired of the snow and won't wake up until the snow melts you never know. I will try to keep everyone updated my sister Cindy calls me every night I would personally want to say that you for all the prays and please keep them coming cause we all need them....