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Dear Family and Friends,

My name is Jackie Maraya Griffin and I am Anjanette Maraya-Ramey’s sister.

Some of you may have heard that Anjanette was recently admitted into Kaiser Zion Hospital has and was diagnosed with APL Leukemia on 9/11/18. She began aggressive Chemotherapy and it has been extremely taxing on her mentally, physically, and emotionally. Her doctors told her she will be hospitalized for the next 1-3 months. Tough news to swallow, especially after enduring a heartbreaking miscarriage followed by a brain hemorrhage that literally knocked this dancer off her feet for several weeks last summer.  Anjanette finally got her life back in order and on rose back on her feet and BAM...her strength and resilience are being tested once again.

Ironically, September is Leukemia Awareness Month. Anjanette is a super detailed event planner after all, so maybe she calculated this in her forever ongoing spreadsheet of the universe! LOL 

Your texts, phone calls, and messages to offer support are deeply appreciated. However, while Anjanette sometimes physically struggles to walk and talk, her husband Matt is also overwhelmed by the many details to manage while being her primary care taker.

Because of this, they have asked me to serve as the communicator for them at this time. We are using this Caring Bridge website to keep updates all in one place. So please check back here on this website often to keep updated.

As you all know, ANJANETTE HAS A HEART OF GOLD. She is a true Social Justice Warrior (SJW) and Arts Advocate...always unapologetically fighting for Equity and Justice. She has contributed so much of her life’s work to making an impact on communities in need and to the arts.

Anjanette has been fighting with all of her might - but she still has quite a mountain to climb with weeks of aggressive chemotherapy to endure. She must learn like never before to choreograph her way through this storm.

As you know, Anjanette is truly a generous and kind person, a loyal friend and family member to her loved ones. She has given so much to her community and to each of us, and has never asked for anything in return...until now.

Many of you have asked how you can provide support during the biggest fight of Anjanette’s life...

At this time, our family would like to help Anjanette’s dreams of ongoing philanthropy come true. As such, we are humbly asking for monetary donations in honor of Anjanette’s love for

Towards this end, we have a goal to raise $44,000 for the #AJFoundCampaign by November 7th 2018 (Anjanette’s 44th Birthday) for ongoing philanthropic efforts. As many of you know, Anjanette is a fundraiser and Certified Nonprofit Professional who has dedicated her life’s work to ensure that the “Bayanihan Spirit” is perpetual. The word bayanihan means “showing unconditional love for community” in Tagalog.

Towards this goal, we have set up a PayPal page where you can make a donation. **DO NOT DONATE ON THIS CARING BRIDGE WEBSITE directly it will NOT go to AJ’s Found Campaign. Please use the designated PayPal link.


Donations will be utilized for humanitarian efforts and made in Anjanette Maraya-Ramey’s honor to the following organizations she deeply cares about.

Anjanette would like this campaign to go viral, so if you feel inclined, please share this campaign on your social media pages and use the hashtag #AJFoundCampaign



MAIL checks to:
Matt Ramey
Re: #AJFoundCampaign
8085 Lake Adlon Drive
San Diego, CA 92119

You can make a note on your PayPal donation or check memo if you would like to designate your gift to one or more of the following organizations. Or you can simply leave it general and Anjanette can help choose where to designate your gift.

- Grossmont College Dance Department
- California Arts Council
- Americans for the Arts
- University of San Diego Nonprofit Leadership and Management Program
- MOXIE Theatre (for woman of color artists)
- Blindspot Collective
- RISE San Diego
- Race Forward
- Rainier Valley Corps
- La Jolla Playhouse (field trips for underserved youth)
- Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDS
- San Diego PRIDE
- The SOUL-Cial workers (for Camp Aart)
- The PGK Dance Project
- Gawad Kalinga
- Walden Family Services  (Foster Adopt Agency)
- Deer Park Monastery
- San Diego Humane Society
- Leukemia Society

We will also have LEUKEMIA AWARENESS swag (e.g. bracelets, reusable bags, and water bottles) available for purchase. Proceeds from these sales will be added towards our campaign goal.  These items are in the design process at this time, so please check back soon and order your swag to show your support!

Until then, please wear  ORANGE this month (and beyond if you is a Fall color too!). ORANGE will symbolize love and solidarity; and spread awareness for Anjanette and all suffering with Leukemia.

Please refrain from using plastic as much as possible. Recycle. Reuse. Repurpose. Buy stainless steel or paper straws; use reusable grocery bags; use refillable stainless steel or BPA free water bottles. There are so many simple ways to keep our oceans and environment clean for our future generations! Do your part.

Anjanette would love to see you and your beautiful faces.  She requests that visits are Monday-Friday between 12:00-5:00pm and weekends between 11:00am to 7:00 pm. Please keep it brief (10 minutes) as her energy fades quickly.  All visitors must wear hospital masks and use hand sanitizer to protect her weakened immune system.  Masks and hand sanitizers are available at the nurses’ table across from her room (4th Floor - Room #4117).  If you have any signs of a cough or cold, please refrain from visiting until you feel better. 

There are no flowers allowed in her room and please do not bring any food with a strong aroma.  Also, please be mindful not to wear strong scented deodorants, perfume, cologne, and/or hair products.

Visitors are welcome to bring cards, photos, and hand written letters.  She loves artwork that shows peace and serenity.  She also loves doTerra Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, and Balance essential oils; and healing stones like rose quartz. 

She would love visitors to come and share stories and memories with her. Bring your songs, poems, nature photos, contemporary art and/or architecture photos.  We will try to make this journey fun, creative, and adventurous as much as possible! :)  Just be prepared for some turbulence and detours along the way! 

Please be mentally strong for Anjanette. Take a few healing breaths before you see her. Let her see the love,  joy, and passion in your eyes. She doesn’t want to see your sad eyes if possible. 

All joy. All peace. All serenity. Know she is still her vibrant, sparkly self and she looks back at you with love and compassion. It is okay to cry and feel compassion back. She just asks that you do your very best not to break down in front of her. It’s ok if you do though because sometimes you just gotta ugly cry! But please try to save the ugly cry for something joyful! :) 

It is also okay not to visit too, you can post journal entries on this Caring Bridge website. Anjanette will check in when she can and read all of your posts; and she will respond when she is able. Thank goodness for the Internet for communication. Woo hoo! 

Thank you all for your unconditional love, support, well wishes, and prayers. We have immense hope that Anjanette will travel and dance through this journey with grace and power. Healing will come one day at a time and through it all - the loving, creative, generous, and vibrant Anjanette we all know will again be FOUND.

With Gratitude, 

“Even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you, when you’re broken on the ground, YOU WILL BE FOUND.  So let the sun come steaming in cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again, lift your head and look around, YOU WILL BE FOUND. “
 ~ From Dear Evan Hansen (one of her favorite Broadway musicals).