Anita Sedillo

First post: Aug 15, 2019 Latest post: Feb 20, 2020

     Welcome to our Caring Bridge website.  We thought using this site would allow us to reach out more to so many caring people who have shared their hopes, prayers, encouragement, and love to us during this difficult time.  It will also keep family and friends updated in one place, and Anita wont lose track of who she has updated and who she has not. 

     After building our final dream retirement home along the beautiful Gulf Coast, in January 2019,  Anita began experiencing difficulty eating (a rarity) , burping nonstop, and having a distended stomach (attributed to age),  She immediately went to the doctor after my insistence and testing began immediately,  By early February she was diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer, which meant that it had not spread, but involved several major arteries and vessels.  Because of this, surgery to re-sect the pancreas to remove the tumor was borderline.

     After meeting with an oncology surgeon at the University of Florida Shand's, it was determined that before surgery could be performed, the cancer involving  the arteries would need to die and free those vessels so they could be re-sected.   On March 11, 2019, chemotherapy using a very strong concoction of drugs was began in hopes of doing just this.  After 10 treatments, a new CT scan showed some growth of the tumor and that the chemo being giving may not be working.  The original plan was to do chemotherapy and then radiation and then try surgery.  This growth derailed that original plan and they recommended a new chemo regiment be tried for three months.  We are now going into our third treatment on the new chemo drugs.  We have since questioned this new plan and are seeking other opinions.  We have decided to get another opinion at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, but with a waiting list we had to find a way to circumvent the list.  We did this by flying out to Santa Fe, NM and seeing my dad's oncologist who was able to refer us to the Mayo Clinic for an e-consult.  This would get her case before their cancer board for consultation and she would be in their system.  We have spoken to our contact at the Mayo Clinic and it has been confirmed that Anita is in the system and under review.   We were told we would be hearing back this week and will be assigned to a doctor at Mayo Jacksonville.  This just goes to show you that there are so many helpful people out there willing to help cancer patients any way they can.  It was also generous of my parents. who just lost their daughter, my sister to pancreatic cancer on July 2nd, to help us get into the oncologist in NM so quickly.  This is where things stand and new updates of our journey to heal Anita will continue in our journal.

       We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement that you have given us, it's been overwhelming and heartfelt for sure.  Thank you for visiting, Pat!