Angie, Kurt, and Olivia

Angie Gross

Angie has always been there for us when times were tough, so now it's our turn!  Angie is one of those people that is always willing to jump in and help with a smile.   Angie is an incredibly hard working mother, who has devoted her life and career to ensuring the health of other mothers and their babies.  She is a huge part of our work family, and we would like to briefly share what she is going through.

Angie was going about her usual routine- keeping up to date on pop culture, doing sonograms,  making sure our ARC patients stay healthy, hanging out with her husband, Kurt, and daughter, Olivia- when she noticed something wasn't quite right.  A CT scan confirmed her fears, and she was quickly in surgery.  She was discharged after a couple of days in the ICU, but then had to be readmitted.  Once she was finally home, she got news that she had a rare cancer- an 18 cm liposarcoma of the retroperitoneum.  Her Austin oncologist has recommended that she see a sarcoma specialist at MD Anderson in Houston. 

Angie has an amazing spirit and her energy is infectious!  However, this will likely require time, energy and money!  Please feel free to pay her a visit or send a card/text.  I know it would mean the world to her.  If you feel compelled to help her financially, we are taking donations through our Austin Regional Clinic South OB Sunshine Fund.  The collection will be through Venmo- please search ARC South OB Sunshine Fund and note you are donating to Angie Gross.  You May donate to Caring Bridge if you would like, but THE MONEY WON’T GO TO ANGIE- only the Venmo money goes to Angie.