Angie DeRoin

First post: Jan 20, 2023 Latest post: May 26, 2023

Angie was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and on November 7th they found a 4 inch mass in her left lung.  It has metastasized to the nodes lining around her left lung and into one of her rib bones. She has been experiencing quite a bit of pain in her legs/ankles and in her left shoulder for sometime now. It has gotten to the point that she is unable to work and has been home bound outside of doctor visits for a few months now. We met with Dr. McKean at Averea Cancer Institute in Sioux Falls, SD and they set her up with her first chemo treatment within a few days… all this happened during the BIG blizzard last week in Sioux Falls!! Angie is home now resting while the chemo works itself through. She will be going back to Sioux Falls every 3 weeks for 4 cycles and then she will have a scan to see if the cancer is shrinking… so please pray that all goes to Angie’s advantage! Angie is truly an amazing woman with a huge heart and she not only is physically strong enough to keep her family in line and kick her sister’s hinnies, but she’s also the most driven. Whatever needed to be done, even when it seemed impossible she accomplished it. So when I tell you she is taking this on with the best attitude possible, please know that her strength and determination are going to give this cancer a run for its money! Add in the support of so many people that have been placed in her life and then top it off with her faith in our amazing Father in Heaven… How can she not be ok?! Through all of this we have prayed and prayed and while we pray for healing we also worship and thank God for holding her through this. Angie grew up knowing, believing, and feeling God’s presence and one thing for sure is that we have seen God’s hands in this. Please continue prayers and also words of encouragement through cards, flowers, Bible quotes, inspirational quotes, or just simply your stories of her and reminders  of what life has blessed her with. All of that has had such a HUGE impact and had meant so much to her, so please keep them coming through this journey of hers!