Angie Beran

First post: Nov 11, 2020 Latest post: Jan 11, 2022
In March 2019 during a self exam, Angie felt a firm spot in her right breast.  After completing  biopsy on it, she was diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer.  After a 1.5 year fight that included chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy, we thought the cancer was gone.  During the week of Halloween when completing the clearance tests to do the reconstruction surgery, it was discovered that her cancer did not follow the rules that were expected and moved into her right lung during the chemo phase.  This was such a blindside for us as we thought this chapter of our lives was about to be behind us.  Now it is time to fight again!    

We will use this site to document the progress and steps of this new fight, and allow the members of our amazing army another avenue to give words of encouragement and support.  Our family was constantly amazed and inspired by all the love and support that we received during the first battle.  We can't thank you enough!  Please keep the prayers, mind bullets, and good vibes coming our way as we battle this again together.  

If anyone wants to send Angie a card, our address is 1603 Colfax Court, Naperville IL 60563.

PS: A friend of ours is also going through cancer treatments and decided to stop saying the word "cancer", instead they have dubbed it as "the dust".  I may use the word "dust" at different times during the posts.   Crush the dust!