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I have been dealing with a major health issue for the better part of 9 months now & against my comfort level, I decided to share this diagnosis with all of you. If nothing more than for support, help, encouragement, prayers and the sheer power of strength in numbers. 

Sadly, I have been diagnosed with end-stage liver failure. Which means my liver, due to several contributing health factors, is no longer working as it should.  This also means that I need a liver transplant in order to survive.

I’m currently under the care of NYU Langone’s Liver Transplant Team. After 9 months of bloodwork, blown veins, CT scans, MRIs, stress tests, endoscopies, paracentesis, cancer clearances (all benign), Hepatologists, Nephrologists, Oncologists, Gynecologists, Hematologists, Gastroenterologists, Rheumatologists, Cardiologists, to name a few.  I was finally presented before the Board at NYU 3/27/20 & got onto the Transplant Waitlist! Should all go well, there is still a very long wait for a liver to become available & I am experiencing many painful symptoms that are gradually worsening including weekly paracentesis and now elevated kidney numbers. This new development is now causing concern that I may need a kidney transplant in combination with the liver transplant, but for now we watch & wait. 

I am also able to be on three Transplant waitlists at once but my medical evaluation at Nebraska Medical Center next week has been cancelled due to COVID and I’m trying to get to UPMC in Pittsburgh for the third evaluation once it is safe to travel.

So, now I turn to you.  The other option, aside from receiving a liver from a deceased donor, is a Living Donor.  There are many criteria to be met by anyone interested ie: firstly they must be my exact blood type B- or O, the Universal donor.  The NYU Liver Transplant Institute has a helpful information shared below.

Please SHARE this post with your friends, family, school organizations, churches, etc for maximum exposure.  Any interest could help!

NYU Living Donor info @ (212) 263-3621 or email:

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Thank you! Angela xo